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How Resistance Pilates Can Help Improve Your Balance

How Resistance Pilates Can Help Improve Your Balance

If you find it difficult to stay balanced during your daily activities and experience instability when walking or standing for extended periods, you're not alone. However, there's good news—Resistance Pilates can be extremely beneficial in enhancing your balance and stability.    


Understanding the significance of improving balance is crucial before delving into how resistance Pilates can help. Having good balance not only helps prevent falls but also enhances posture and makes everyday tasks easier. When your functional balance and strength are reliable, life becomes more enjoyable without constant concern.  

Engaging in our Corefirst resistance Pilates classes can contribute to better balance and stability through several means. It strengthens your core muscles, increases body awareness, and teaches you to move with control, coordination, and fluidity.  Resistance Pilates works to improve the three systems that govern your balance: proprioception, vision, and the inner ears. Additionally, muscular strength and stability also play a large role.  

Proprioception refers to the sense of awareness and perception of your body's position and movement in space. It enables you to discern the relative position of different body parts in relation to each other and the surrounding environment, without relying on vision or touch.  

Vision plays a vital role in maintaining balance by providing spatial orientation and information about your body's position. Impairments in the visual system can affect your ability to sustain balance and stability, particularly in challenging or dimly lit conditions.  

The inner ears house the vestibular system, which plays a significant role in balance. It detects and processes information about the position and movement of your head. When you move your head, signals are sent to the brain regarding the direction and speed of the movement, assisting in maintaining balance and stability.      


Another aspect of training your strength and balance is having appropriate and supportive equipment. The Corefirst System has the world’s first and only grip-free neoprene wraps that auto-adjust to fit around your wrist, ankle, foot, and palm, holding onto YOU so you can let go and really focus on the task at hand!  Why does this matter? Our wraps are attached to commercial-grade resistance bands that have patented safety sleeves to keep the bands AND YOU safe in case they snap. Our bands have been tested by a third party and proven to last 15X longer than standard bands on the market.     

Additionally, the  Corefirst Zone Mat is a game-changer for individuals facing balance issues. Crafted from premium materials and designed to complement your Corefirst training, its unique features and quality materials revolutionize your strength/balance training experience.

The Zone Mat boasts four distinct progress zones, each marked with a number and target layout. These zones serve as visual references for correct positioning and also offer targets for your movements. Seamlessly integrated into the Corefirst app's verbal cues, these zones connect you to your coach and your movements like never before. As you progress through your programs, you can visibly track your improvement, moving from zone to zone.   By choosing the Corefirst Zone Mat, you can expect the following benefits:  

1. Visualize your progress: With the zone markers right in front of you, you can constantly monitor and celebrate your advancement.   

2. Eliminate uncertainty: Never again question where to stand, place your foot, or how to position yourself. The zone markers provide clear guidance throughout your exercises. 

3. Gamify your movements: Turn your training into an enjoyable and engaging experience. By focusing on hitting specific targets within each zone, you can add a fun element to your workouts.   

4. Deepen your connection with your Corefirst Coach: The Zone Mat takes your interaction with your Corefirst Coach to a whole new level. The markers on the mat align with the coach's instructions in the app, fostering a stronger connection and enhancing your training.   

5. Superior quality: The Corefirst Zone Mat stands out as the finest mat available for ground-based series. With its full-size dimensions of 26' x 72", non-tear 5mm thick polyurethane material, and anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties, this mat offers both durability and hygiene. Not to mention, it provides a solid foundation of skid-resistant material to give you more traction and stability.    

By regularly working on challenging and consistently activating the core and leg muscles throughout your Corefirst workouts, you begin to fine-tune and coordinate your muscles, while boosting your body’s proprioception. Your muscles continue to adapt to the additional resistance you place on them in a low-impact way and as a result, they become stronger and your stability and balance are enhanced. Give Corefirst a try today!  




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