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We will never let you go

The future of pilates

At the intersection of innovation and tradition lies Corefirst. We're redefining Pilates for the modern age, making it accessible, adaptable, and absolutely transformative.

We'll never let you go

Meet our revolutionary wraps - the VIPs of comfort with a three-patent entourage! They're the shape-shifters of coziness, smoothly pivoting between six positions, from knee to palm, they've got your back (and every other body part).

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Industry's top instructors

Guiding you from where you are to where you aspire to be, our instructors are fitness unicorns, sprinkling inspiration and support like glitter on a sweaty disco floor.

100's of Progressive workouts

Stream workouts anywhere, anytime – even from your toaster if it had a screen. Each session feels good, is attainable, and offers just the right amount of challenge.

Patented Product

Dive into the lap of luxury, where comfort, simplicity, and effectiveness converge in a three-way tango that leaves other workouts blushing with envy. Our product isn't just designed – it's a masterpiece.



Great for beginners or getting started on a budget.

  • Includes 2 pieces of equipment
  • FREE trial All-Access Subscription



Perfect for intermediate levels or for more resistance/assistance.

  • Includes 3 pieces of equipment
  • FREE trial All-Access Subscription

pro kit


For the fitness enthusiast or the person that wants it all.

  • Includes 7 pieces of equipment
  • FREE Year All-Access Subscription

Over 1,800 5-STAR Reviews!


more Corefirst features


Boost your workouts with our resistance bands – the rockstars of elastic enthusiasm! Sourced for resistance smoother than a buttered-up cat, these delights come shielded in commercial-grade sleeves. No breaks, no irritation – just pure band brilliance. Workout with confidence.


Level up your confidence in just one step with the Corefirst System. Whether you anchor it to a door, table, rail, or your neighbor's bed frame (just kidding, please don't), get ready for workouts so empowering, you might accidentally grow a superhero cape. Instant power-up, no spandex required.

Anchor Your Corefirst

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