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Enjoying my new CoreFirst kit!

I just received my CoreFirst kit a week ago and have used it almost every day since! I like the variety of video options which even includes stretching and I definitely feel more toned after using it for just a week. I’ve tried both the level 1 and level 2 straps and get a great workout in with both resistance options. Would recommend this kit to anyone looking to add pilates into their workout mix but don’t have the time for expensive pilates studios!


Not user friendly

Love portability

Great quality

I have done pilates for years. This product is superb

Wonderful Pro System!

I ordered and received the Pro system. It has EVERYTHING you need to use this system to its fullest. The free videos to help you get started are great and the full library has so many options! All the trainers are helpful in the workouts and I particularly like the videos that have a harder and easier trainer to watch depending on your level. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in or loves pilates, but doesn’t have the time, money, or location for a studio. Super job Corefirst!

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!


So far it’s been good to use it…just tying the free classes that come with the app. Excited to get in shape with these!

Valarie D.L.

Love the bands and the videos! I jumped right in with no problems!

Just getting started

Just received my kit less about 5 days ago, with the holiday and family here have not had time to look at the videos or anything. So starting today for me.

That's alright Terri! Thanks for your order!


I’m impressed with the quality of the bands and how comfortable I am using them I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I am the proud owner of the Classic kit.

Thank you so much Sharon! :)

Nice quality.


So excited to use these!

At home bliss!

The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because I haven’t been able to use it much since getting it. I wish I would have known not to get the membership till I received my order as I didn’t know it would take as long as it did. I’ve done Pilates for years and I’m very excited to have this at home now.

Hi Shannon! Thank you for your review. The items that you purchased were on pre-sale at the time. I'm sorry that you lost a few weeks when you started your subscription, and I've added a few weeks onto your account to make it better! :)

Great item

This works great on my door
Really happy I ordered it!!


This is perfect, such a space saver. Enjoying it and it’s just the beginning

Linda C.
Need App to get the benefits

I have had the Corefirst for about 6 months now. I like it, but don't like that I have to pay for exercises to get the benefits of the system. I tried a few of the free lessons, but the ones I've tried are too advanced for me. Wealth $$$ is always the priority in this greedy world.

I'm sorry that you feel that way. We do offer 10 free Getting Started videos and 20 Free full-length workouts. Due to the amount of content on the app and our professional instructors, we unfortunately cannot offer the app for free. If you'd like some extra time, I just sent you something via email! :)

Love Love

These are just GREAT! I love the feeling of them and how I feel when I use them!

Best core workout tool

I have used this for over 2 weeks and already noticed my strength changed all over my body, my knee pain is going away and my core feels so much tight. I love this tool.

Such a great purchase

This is so easy to use, I’m so glad I ordered it. You can take it with you anywhere. Love this!

Amazing product!

Received my bands in the mail and was very impressed with the quality of them! I have been enjoying using them and excited to start using the app!

Great Addition

If you travel and want to be sure that you can hook your Corefirst anywhere this is a must! It also opens up where in your home you can use your Corefirst. Great value and reasonably priced.

Easy to Use

I found the system to be made of great quality. It was easy to get started with the app. With just a few uses, I can already feel myself getting stronger.

Great accessory

I like that I can travel anywhere and this anchor provides more options. Lightweight and easy to carry.

Easy to Travel With, Functional Design & Nice New Esthetic

I recently traveled with this system - it was easy to find places to anchor in our Airbnb, and I love the simple, yet effective design. Great for both stretching and strengthening and practicing reformer-like pilates outside of the studio. Definitely recommend - and love the new colors too!

Hi Katie! Thank you so much for your kind words! So glad you're loving it

more time, make it easier please

There is a learning curve to this equipment. I would be happier with easier access free videos for a time period long enough to establish some level of mastery of the equipment. I feel rushed to make another purchase before the equipment has proven itself.

HI Rosemary! I'm not sure what you mean. Our free set up videos and 20 free workouts are available indefinitely— without an account or a subscription! If you have any question you can always reach out to us ( We do offer post-purchase deals, because many wish to purchase additional accessories!! :)

New work out

So far I love it. Even though I work out everyday. Doing these workouts I am actually sore!!

That's awesome Lisa! Keep up the great work!