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Worthless, never worked.

Could never get into the site to access Pilates videos. Messaged customer service twice and didn’t hear back. I bought the middle line package, which isn’t cheap and virtually have no information on what to do. Rather disappointed Unless I figure it out, waste of money.


i was pleasantly surprised by the high quality and comfort of the bands..grabbing a pilates workout practically anywhere is possible with this system...the results are the same yet without all of the bulky equipment or hassle of having to go to the studio/find one while away...thanks so much!!

Love all of it!

So far so good! I love the convenience of working out at home and the amount of money it's saving me from paying monthly at a studio. Although I love studio workouts this fits my lifestyle better.

Kathryn O.
Fabulous to use anywhere!

I love this compact size because I get the same resistance and workout as my Level 1 with a more compact size to carry with me anywhere. I also love the navy color for when I take my workout outdoors!

New core first level 2

It’s much harder than the black level 2. The bands stay in place better on my wrists and ankles so that’s great but I feel it’s a level 3

Kick it up a Notch

The Sliders give you an extra punch to the workouts — especially the glutes.


Love this product


Quality product! Have not used it much but when I do I like it!


It is easy to use. Even though it is easy to use the bands add more resistance to your workout. My thighs and glutes really feel it after use.

Amazing to Travel with!

Iwas so skeptical asd I am extremely active and enjoy lifting weights. I brought teh CoreFirst kit with me and used it everyday on vacation. I absolutely love the workouts!

Hi Sondra, this is amazing!! So happy you're loving it and finding a place for it in your current workout routine!

So far so good

These bands are amazing. They are so easy and functional. My muscles feel great after just short workouts. I am someone who struggles with wishing workouts were over. I get bored. With Core First I find myself finishing a workout and starting another because it fells so good.

My only wish is that the workouts had a little more breathing and centering before and after the workouts. I can add it myself but would prefer it built in.

Thank you for your lovely review, Lisa!!

Holly G.
Great intro to Pilates

This is my first time doing Pilates. The CoreFirst Slim has been a perfect way to try it without investing a ton of money when I was not sure if I would like it. So easy to use and the videos are helpful in terms of teaching me what I need to do and how to use. I am looking forward to taking them with me on vacation next week.

Yay Holly! So happy you're loving it.


This is an amazing system that you can take with you and use any where. Great workout!

Love the bands!

The Circle Bands are both functional and beautiful.

Definitely a useful tool

The Long Anchor gives more options to use my Core First.

Monthly All Access

I am enjoying the flexibility and availability of the diverse workouts available. In particular, I am able to work out according to my needs physically, and a timeframe that fits into my schedule.

Yay! Happy to hear you love the App!

Absolutely excellent! Superior Bands!

In fact, these circle bands are so perfect, I'm writing this review to obtain a discount so that I can go purchase an additional set for the office. I REALLY like them!
Many companies sell these circle/hip/glute bands. I've tried dozens upon dozens over the years. These from Corefirst are the best I've ever owned. The fabric is superior...soft, but strong and resilient. The "stretch" is fantastic, enabling a wonderful range of motion, not found with other bands. The two resistance levels are perfect. The inner anti-slip keeps the bands locked in place during sessions, and I love the 16" diameter. I have pretty big thighs. These bands are easy to put on, without being too tight or too big. LBNL, the colors are GREAT. So elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Just love them, am purchasing more.

Hi Catherine! Thank you so much for this beautiful review. We're so happy you're loving our Circle Bands! :)

I love my Corefirst kit!! Comes with all the basics to get you started!

High Quality

I am very happy with these bands. They are made of a heavy fabric material and they have a lot of stretch. They will be perfect to use during my Core First videos.

Margo H.

Great easy to use and adjust bands. As a resistance band lover, these are the best I've used.

Easy and convenient with excellent instruction

The CoreFirst App was easy to use and easy to find and select exercises — the classes and instruction for anything I wanted to concentrate on: arms, legs, or a full body series was easy to locate and the sessions can be repeated or I could move on to another series for variety. Everything is so well explained and easy to follow with multiple camera angles of actual instructors doing the same exercises, so I could tell if I was doing the movements properly. The instructors are excellent, and guide you through the movements without having to look at the screen constantly. I have saved so much money buying the yearly subscription and having the convenience of exercising at home whenever I like. Best ever! Looking forward to more!

Leslie, thank you for this beautiful review! So happy you're loving our app and it's easy to use features!

Just like a Reformers class

Having a great experience with Corefirst! Can do shorter workouts when I have less time but can feel the burn and leave feeling great. Would recommend to anyone who likes and does reformers but can’t make it to classes.

Thank you so much for this lovely review!

Love it

Love the Corefirst Pilates. I feel it working my muscles but also supports me in my roll up. Still learning but having fun. Already seeing results and so obsessed.

Yay Tiffany! So happy to hear you're seeing results already. :)