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9 Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Health Goals

9 Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Health Goals
9 Tips to Stick to Your New Year's Health Goals

It’s that time of year again, when we all have a New Year’s goal or resolution. It’s great to have aspirations for growth, but many of us end up falling short when it comes to following through on our New Year’s plans…particularly when it comes to health goals.

We have 9 tips for you to stick to your New Year’s health goals this year, from creating lifelong habits to shifting your mindset for success. Check them out below:

1. Be specific about your goal

When it comes to aspirations, experts say that specific goals are easier to achieve than vague ones. So if you haven’t already, carve out some time to journal about exactly what you want to achieve. Visualize what it will look like to reach your goal, and more importantly, how you will feel once you have achieved it. Meditate on that feeling until you have a crystal clear vision of how achieving this goal will ultimately impact and change your daily life.

2. Know your “why”

Sticking to new routines and habits can be challenging, and New Year’s resolutions are a particularly slippery kind of aspirational target. Every year, resolutioners set lofty goals that seem to elude many people despite their best efforts.

Before setting your goal in stone, ask yourself why you want to achieve it—and be honest with yourself. The more you understand why the goal is important to you, the more likely you are to give it 100%. When the road gets bumpy and you feel like quitting, that “why” is what will motivate you to keep going.

3. Make sure you have everything you need

Whatever your goal may be, make sure you have everything you need to set yourself up for success. If your goal is to go to the gym three times a week, make sure you have at least three sets of clean activewear every Sunday night. If you’re embarking on a fitness journey at home, take stock of your home equipment and carve out a space in your home where you can work out each day.

If you’re in the mood to try something new and get into the Pilates lifestyle, then we recommend getting started with a Corefirst Pilates Bundle which has everything you need to go from a beginner to a Pilates veteran!

4. Harness community support

If you’re really serious about your New Year’s resolution, then tell someone about it! Studies show that we are more likely to follow through on an intention if we have someone to hold us accountable. Better yet, find a community of like-minded individuals who are working towards similar goals. Harness that community as a means of support, inspiration, and accountability as you work towards your goal.

If you aren’t already a member, check out the Corefirst App to join our amazing community of Pilates instructors and members who love to learn and lift each other up.

5. Slow and steady

One of the main reasons most people fail when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, is that they simply aim too high too fast, and don’t create a plan that is sustainable long-term. Instead of creating a “quick fix” plan to lose weight or reach whatever your target is, focus instead on creating small, manageable lifestyle changes that you will be able to stick with for years to come.

In our 30-Day Holistic New Year’s Challenge, we have built in Intentional Rest Days and Internal Practice days to focus on creating a foundation of balance and longevity. If you would like to participate in our January challenge, head over to sign up for the Corefirst app!*

*The challenge is available to app members from January 7 - February 5, 2023.

6. Learn and adapt

Stay curious through the weeks as you work towards your goal, and take note if something is not working for you. If you feel burnt out every time you go to that 5pm spin class, then consider taking a morning walk instead (or find another time in your schedule that feels manageable). There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to personal growth, the most important thing is to find what works for you.

7. Be gentle with yourself

Making lasting lifestyle changes is a challenging process for all of us, so don’t beat yourself up if you have slip-ups along the way. Experts say that it takes roughly 60 days to form a new habit, so remember to take your time and keep taking baby steps towards your dreams.

8. Enjoy the process

In order to succeed in achieving your goals you must (on some level) enjoy the process of working towards them. If your goal is to lose some weight but you hate cardio, then focus on incorporating forms of exercise that you do enjoy like pilates or stretching. Whatever you do, just remember to have fun while doing it!

9. Be mindful of your perspective

It’s common to get swept up during this time of year in setting ambitious goals for ourselves. Although it is admirable to strive for growth, it is also important to remember that it’s not just the end goal that matters—it’s the journey along the way. Don’t get so wrapped up in reaching your goals that you forget to enjoy your day-to-day!

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