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Beat the Winter Blues with Pilates

Beat the Winter Blues with Pilates


As the winter months approach, it's common to experience a dip in motivation and mood due to colder weather and shorter days. However, there's a powerful weapon at your disposal to combat the winter blues: resistance Pilates.



The winter blues, often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), affects many people as daylight hours decrease and temperatures drop. Symptoms can include low energy, mood swings, and a general feeling of lethargy. But the good news is that staying active and incorporating resistance Pilates into your routine can make a significant difference in how you feel during the winter season.


Resistance Pilates is the perfect solution for combating the winter blues for several reasons:

Indoor Workouts: With the colder weather and shorter days, resistance Pilates can be done indoors, and the Corefirst can be anchored pretty much anywhere in your home. This ensures that you maintain your workout routine regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Full-Body Engagement: Resistance Pilates engages your entire body, helping to release endorphins and improve your mood. The combination of strength training and flexibility exercises is a fantastic mood enhancer.

Low Impact: Unlike high-impact workouts, resistance Pilates is gentle on the joints, making it accessible to people of all fitness levels. This is especially beneficial if you're already dealing with winter-induced aches and pains.


1. Set Realistic Goals: Begin by setting achievable fitness goals for the winter season. It could be something as simple as committing to three resistance Corefirst sessions per week.

2. Switch it Up with Accessories: At Corefirst Pilates, our reformer-inspired resistance bands are designed to provide an effective and versatile Pilates experience. By adding on new accessories, like our Corefirst Blocks or Sliders, you will keep you mind active, the workout fresh, and your muscles guessing!

3. Create a Cozy Workout Space: Make your workout environment inviting and cozy. Light a scented candle, play your favorite music, and create a pleasant ambiance for your sessions. Utilizing pillows, chairs, or our Zone Mat when you’re looking for more comfort helps as well!

4. Stick to a Schedule: Consistency is key. Set a workout schedule and stick to it. You can head to the Corefirst app and even schedule your workouts ahead of time! Having a regular routine can help lift your spirits and maintain your motivation.


It's essential to highlight that resistance Pilates offers benefits beyond physical fitness and the mental benefits are equally important. Practicing mindfulness during your workouts, focusing on your breathing and the movements, can help alleviate stress and improve your overall well-being.

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