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Beginner's Guide to Resistance Pilates

Beginner's Guide to Resistance Pilates

If you're new to resistance Pilates, this is the guide for you. Designed to jump-start your confidence by providing a brief introduction to the basics and dos and don'ts of resistance training with Corefirst. If you've done it before or are looking for an alternative exercise that combines strength training with flexibility and balance work, then this guide will help set up your body and mind so that you can be one step closer to achieving your goals!

The Basics

Resistance Pilates is a popular form of exercise that combines traditional Pilates movements with resistance training. This form of exercise is designed to challenge and strengthen the body by using resistance bands to add assistive tension to each movement. By adding resistance, not only does it further sculpt muscles and increase endurance via a low-impact technique, but it also makes movements less intense, safer, and more engaged. The primary benefits of this practice include that it can be customized to meet the needs of individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced students. Due to the added assistive resistance, it helps to open the body further, thus increasing flexibility and mobility faster. Compared to just utilizing a floor Pilates practice, resistance Pilates provides the benefits of reformer Pilates, which cultivates the most successful environment to have the life-changing benefits of Joseph Pilates original intentions.

Why Corefirst?

Corefirst is a trailblazing version of resistance Pilates where you can achieve the results of reformer Pilates without absorbing the cost of purchasing an expensive reformer machine. The Corefirst Systems and Bundles provide accessible, customizable, and commercial-grade resistance equipment that can easily be tossed in our mesh backpack for a professional-level workout on the go. With our training app, you have access to our professionally certified trainers and the Corefirst Community, as well as hundreds of videos in varying lengths (15, 30, and 40-minute classes) at the tap of a finger. 

Set up for Success

  • Set up your environment. Grab your Wraps, Short Anchor, and your choice of Corefirst Resistance band, and hit the mat! Being that the Corefirst can easily be anchored anywhere in your house, no area is really too big or too small! If you need a softer area to lay down on, check out our Zone Mat.
  • Speaking of accessories... do you need them?Within our workouts, you may see our trainers utilizing some of the Corefirst accessories including our Zone Mat, Slider DisksCorefirst Blocks, and Corefirst Circle Band Set. While these are certainly not required, they can really amp up the burn in your workout!
  • Choose a viewing style.Did you know Corefirst has 4 different ways to provide you with direction? We have our Training WebsiteIOS and Google Play Apps, an Airplay feature, and three different kinds of workout posters if you are on a digital cleanse!
  • A note on choosing the "right" level of resistance or workout program:there is no "right" answer. It's important to shop around and try out different resistance levels and programs on our app. If a move is too hard or too easy, try varying your distance from the anchor point or switching out the bands. Find what works best for you! You may wish to start with our Getting Started 

    Pro tip: Feel like your Corefirst Resistance Bands are too long? Watch this video!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When you are first starting out, it can be easy to make a few common mistakes. These include:

  • Moving too Fast.This can be a common trap for pros and beginners alike. If you're moving too fast or with too much intensity, you're not building up your muscles in the right way and are often relying on momentum. Take your time and perform each exercise with control, keeping proper form and technique in mind. Worried you won't know how? Our trainers guide you through each movement and throw reminders your way, just like in a real studio.
  • Overdoing your training schedule. Are you so excited to begin your new routine and feel a huge amount of motivation to achieve your goals? Great, still only work out a few times a week to start! Often, beginners are SO ready to hit the pavement, that they end up overexerting themselves too early on, which isn't conducive to long-term success. Pace yourself! Perhaps start with a 15-minute workout a few times a week, then add an extra day or more time as you see fit!
  • Holding your breath.One of the biggest patterns you'll see during your first Corefirst workouts is your instructor reminding you of your breath. Holding your breath can cause unnecessary tension and restrict blood flow. Focus on breathing deeply and rhythmically throughout each exercise not only helps with form, but it calms and centers the mind.

How to Stay Motivated at Home

You're going to be using your body in new ways, and it's important that you know how your body reacts. A good way to stay motivated is by setting goals for yourself. You can make them realistic or even impossible, but knowing what you want will help keep your eyes on the prize when they get tough!

You can also find a workout buddy! Having someone to work out with is a great way to stay accountable, celebrate your successes, share in your challenges, and make it more like a party! You can always find a "digital workout buddy" through the Corefirst Community! On the app, you can chat with other pilates enthusiasts, our founders, and fitness professionals and have all of your questions answered. A whole gaggle of cheerleaders are there to share in your success!



We hope this guide will help you in getting started on your journey with Corefirst! We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns so we can help you get the most out of your practice!

Feel free to leave a comment below, email us (, or reach out to us on Instagram (@mycorefirst)!



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