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Breaking the Mold: Men and Corefirst Resistance Pilates

Breaking the Mold: Men and Corefirst Resistance Pilates

Gone are the days of strictly weightlifting and cardio for men's fitness routines. After years of society's narrow thinking when it comes to Pilates being just for women, today more and more men are breaking molds and stepping onto the mat to try their hand at resistance Pilates. With a steady rise in male participation rates, it seems that this once predominantly female-dominated exercise is now attracting an entirely new audience. Men are quickly turning to resistance Pilates as their go-to workout choice. Hold on tight gentlemen – you might just be surprised at what you've been missing out on all these years!



Until recently, Pilates has been most popular among women, which a common misconception that it primarily focuses on flexibility and "lightweight" exercises. However, that is drastically changing as more male-identifying individuals increasingly turn to resistance Pilates for fitness, especially with Corefirst. As a portable, high-quality, and effective workout, Corefirst aims to help you become well-rounded in your fitness. With access to hundreds of 15-30 minute workouts in strength, flexibility, and cardio training right in your pocket,  you'll be well on your way to increasing muscular structure, mobility, and mindfulness. Additionally, our resistance bands utilize a Safety Sleeve technology to encapsulate our commercial-grade bands to not only keep you safe but increase the longevity of the bands (which have been tested to last x15 longer than our competitors)! The Corefirst can also be ADDED to any fitness program as a means of cross-training or supplementing your training while on the road.

 More and more men, and individuals in general, are looking for more holistic health that just weightlifting cannot provide.  The combination of concentric muscular contractions, strengthening deep stabilization muscles, improving flexibility & posture, targeting multiple muscle groups at a time,  and increased stamina resistance Pilates builds are unique. Additionally, it is a low-impact workout, which means it is easier on the joints and more accessible to greater populations than other types of exercise. Focusing too much on JUST weightlifting without flexibility/mobility work or cardio can lead to tension, muscular imbalance, risk of injury, and poor stamina. With resistance Pilates, you can be working all areas of fitness at one time, while putting less stress on the body and having a more effective workout. Work smarter, not harder.

 Another reason is that it can be customized to each individual's fitness level. The Corefirst incorporates three different resistance levels: light (7-12 lbs.), medium (12-18lbs.), and heavy (18-24 lbs.). Additionally, you can manually change resistances in the moment by moving closer or further away from the anchor point, or by utilizing the modifications our professional trainers demonstrate throughout our videos. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for recovery and physical therapy.

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 While many know of the physical benefits of resistance Pilates, not many fully understand its mental health benefits as well. The work it does in providing a strong mind-body connection is paramount to reducing stress, improving focus, and promoting overall well-being. The emphasis on breath work helps you to focus in on a high degree of concentration and control. By "tuning out" life's distractions, you are better able to focus on processing emotions while also exerting physical energy, allowing you to better work through challenges and promote clarity. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reported in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health that activities like Pilates or yoga show greater improvements to brain function and memory compared to more aerobic exercises. (Medical News Today). Throughout our Corefirst programming, you will be consistently guided through warmup and cool-down exercises with a focus on connecting with your body, as well as consistent reminders about your goals and workout intentions.

With the numerous holistic mental and physical benefits of this workout, it's a no-brainer that all genders and abilities would be attracted to resistance Pilates, and with Corefirst, it becomes even more accessible, effective, and safe.







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