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Harnessing the Power of Resistance: Why Resistance Pilates is a Game-Changer for Back Pain Relief

Harnessing the Power of Resistance:  Why Resistance Pilates is a Game-Changer for Back Pain Relief

Are you tired of constantly living with back pain that restricts your daily activities? Well, it’s time to turn towards Resistance Pilates with Corefirst! Not only does the practice improve posture and flexibility, but it targets muscle imbalances and strengthens the core muscles responsible for supporting the spine. Of course, there are many reasons for back pain and there is no easy fix, but let’s dive further into this therapeutic workout method to better understand how it may improve your comfort in the long term, shall we?


RESISTANCE PILATES- It's not just about adding more "weight" to your workout!

When you think about resistance Pilates, you may associate it with adding weight and tension to your moves in order to build strength. While this is a factor of Resistance Pilates, it isn't the main benefit or focus. Acting similarly to a reformer, this version of Pilates is designed to assist you rather than work against you by making moves less intense, workouts more focused on incorporating multiple muscle groups harmoniously, and improving your level of safety in each move. This is often why it is especially popular and often recommended by providers to those recovering from injuries and surgeries. Moreover, this form of Pilates gives a greater emphasis on moving slower for maximum benefits, thus helping you achieve your goals faster- with less effort!

In addition to the physical benefits, Resistance Pilates can also help you relax and de-stress. The mind-body connection that Pilates promotes can help you to better cope with pain and tension.



One of the most significant benefits is that it helps to strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of the spine, which can help to prevent further injury and pain. Increasing core strength improves posture, balance, and alignment, which assist you in avoiding awkward movement by allowing your body to transfer force and stress through your muscles rather than your spine, preventing unwanted strains, sprains, or sore back/neck muscles in general. The improvement in flexibility and mobility in the spine you receive from this practice allows you to easily navigate around instances that would normally aggravate your pain, for example: picking up your children, sudden reactive jerking movements, etc.



Corefirst is breaking the barrier for those that want to try resistance Pilates by bringing their workout or resistive therapy exercises home with them! Unfortunately, Pilates reformer classes or reformers themselves can be expensive and cumbersome to store, and flimsy rubber workout bands can break easily and provide no guidance or instruction. After years of development, Corefirst stepped in with some groundbreaking nuances.

The Corefirst System has the world’s first and only grip-free neoprene wraps that auto-adjust to fit around your wrist, ankle, foot, and palm so you can "let go" of the logistics and really focus on your core! Our wraps are soft, custom-fit your body, and hold on to you so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off. You can be sure there are NO Velcro cuffs cutting into your ankles! Our wraps are attached to commercial-grade resistance bands that have patented Safety Sleeve technology to keep the bands and you safe in case they snap. Additionally, our resistance bands are commercial-grade, have been third-party tested, and have proven to last 15x times than standard bands on the market. 

Similarly, Corefirst's in-app programming is second to none. Featuring certified, professional Pilates instructors with decades of experience in the fitness industry, there are hundreds of workout videos and multiple full-length programs featuring clear, concise directions (with modifications) for beginners and advanced students alike.

Corefirst makes it extremely easy to work out at home and on the go. Many individuals who suffer from pain points often have trouble focusing or keeping up with in-studio classes and direction. Workout out at home allows you to rest between moves and take all the time you need when it comes to completing a workout series, without the pressure of rushing to catch up and potentially compromising your form and experience. Also, because the classes and bands can easily fit in your suitcase, you can stay consistent with your regimen while on the road.

If you're looking for a safe and effective way to relieve your back pain, give Corefirst a try. You may be surprised at just how much difference it can make both in your health and confidence. 

Pro tip: Many of our videos are labeled based on their primary area of focus. Check out this Supine & Pull core-focused video! Be sure to use a quality mat to prove extra cushion, like our Zone Mat.



As with any new fitness regimen or for those currently under the care of a physician, it is imperative to consult with your provider prior to starting anything new to make sure it's right for you. The Corefirst App makes it easy to show them the videos right on your phone during your appointment for their feedback!  Additionally, if you are feeling pain at any point in a workout, do not continue. When doing resistance Pilates, it is important to use proper form in order to avoid injury. If you are unsure about how to do an exercise properly, feel free to reach out via email to our team at!



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