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Have Fun in Your Practice with Our Burn Program

Have Fun in Your Practice with Our Burn Program

Our Burn Program is bringing all the sweat, fast-paced, and giggly vibes to the Corefirst App! Get ready to have fun in your practice while building total body strength! Read on to learn more!    

The Corefirst Burn Program is a fun, low-impact, and accessible form of cardio within resistance Pilates. This 10-video series provides a variety of sequences that is sure to improve your cardiovascular health as well as incorporate strength training to boost caloric burn and muscle tone. Built for beginners and pros alike, adding a few videos from the Burn Program to your routine (or challenging yourself by completing all the videos sequentially) will leave you with a puddle of sweat and a smile on your face.  


Resistance Pilates is an amazing exercise method that improves flexibility, strength, and balance all while promoting a positive mind-body connection. However, while resistance Pilates checks all the boxes when it comes to well-rounded fitness and building muscle burns more calories than just being a “cardio bunny,” the release of endorphins from a typical cardio workout is what many look for! If you’re looking to sweat it out AND tone it up via a low-impact method, the Corefirst Burn Program might be the perfect program for you.  

This program focuses on increasing your heart rate while using the Corefirst for optimal calorie and fat burn! Zeroing in on intervals with limited rest time, these quick, 10-20 minute videos get down to business. Our personal and bubbly trainers make it feel like you’re working out with friends, and it’s easy to stay motivated by listening to their clear directions and easy-to-follow transitions. The Burn Program is a full-body workout that will challenge you both physically and mentally, and the videos are optimal for busy schedules and weekly cardio recommendations!


When we think of cardio, I’m sure your mind goes directly to hours on the treadmill or elliptical, however, it doesn’t have to be this way and your joints don’t have to suffer! While Resistance Pilates itself is not typically considered a high-intensity cardio workout, the Corefirst Burn Program brings something new to the table. By incorporating specific cardiovascular elements, you will increase your heart rate, engage larger muscle groups, and fuse both cardiovascular and strength training benefits into your routine. Here’s why our program works:    

1. Elevation of heart rate: Utilizing dynamic, rhythmic movements and faster-paced sequences into our Burn Program routines, a sustained increase in heart rate will challenge your cardiovascular system, promoting cardiovascular endurance and conditioning.   

2. Full-body engagement: The Burn Program utilizes the Corefirst to provide resistance against your muscles. When you incorporate exercises that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, such as combining arm movements with leg movements, it can increase the demand on your cardiovascular system.   

3. Continuous movement patterns: To create a more cardio-focused Pilates workout, the program is strung together in a series of exercises with minimal breaks in between and face-paced reps. This continuous movement pattern helps keep your heart rate elevated throughout the session, allowing you to torch calories and break a sweat!   

4. Increased energy expenditure: Resistance Pilates alone (without the Burn Program), even at a moderate intensity, still burns calories. By incorporating resistance exercises into your Pilates routine, you increase the overall energy expenditure during your workout and build muscle tissue­– which itself burns more calories. This, combined with a few cardiovascular-focused workouts from the Burn Program, can significantly enhance calorie burn and contribute to weight loss or maintenance goals.   

5. Improved breath control and lung capacity: Pilates emphasizes controlled breathing techniques, which can enhance your breath control and increase your lung capacity over time. These benefits translate to improved respiratory efficiency during cardio activities, enabling you to perform cardio exercises with more ease and effectiveness.    

Focusing on making cardio fun, comprehensive, and effective for those with a limited time commitment is exactly what the Burn Program is all about. Utilizing the Corefirst and interval-based programming, you will not only be strength training but boosting your cardiovascular health and caloric burn.   


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