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Make the Most of the Corefirst Platform

Make the Most of the Corefirst Platform

At Corefirst, we're committed to empowering you with the tools you need to achieve a balanced, strong, and healthy body. Our training platform offers a diverse catalog of Pilates, strength, and cardio programs to cater to your unique fitness goals in the most efficient way. Let’s get started and help you make the most of the Corefirst training platform!

STEP 1: Create an Account

We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us! Before we get you well on your way to a new you, we have to get you signed up! The first step would be to head to our web-based training platform and create an account by selecting a subscription; due to the enhanced safety features of the Corefirst app, you cannot create or manage your account/subscription from the app itself. After creating an account, you can then login anywhere including our training website, iPhone, iPad, and Android apps!


STEP 2: Get Acquainted with the Class Catalog

Before jumping into a program, it is highly advisable to check out our Getting Started Section and Free Workout Collection. Here you’ll find videos on anchoring, shortening the Corefirst, Pilates Fundamentals, basic use, etc. It’s the perfect kickoff to a long-term relationship with Corefirst!  Please note you do not need an account or subscription to access the Getting Started section and the Free videos!

The training platform boasts an extensive catalog of exercise videos, each designed to target specific muscle groups and fitness objectives. Take some time to explore the catalog and familiarize yourself with the various programs available. Whether you're a Pilates enthusiast, a strength training devotee, or seeking an intense cardio class, the platform offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences and needs. With new content consistently being added throughout the year, you’ll always find new workouts that ignite your love of fitness and keep you consistent. Also, with our filter feature, you can easily sort through our hundreds of workouts by area of focus, coach, length, and accessories used.

Corefirst filter workouts

Pro Tip: Check out our newest program: The 5-Minute Home Pilates Series!

STEP 3: Create a Custom Workout Plan

Feel free to follow the programs in full or mix and match different programs to create a well-rounded routine that addresses all aspects of fitness. You can vary your workouts to keep things interesting and challenging while targeting different muscle groups throughout the week. On the Corefirst app, you can schedule workouts ahead of time and curate your own routine using the Corefirst calendar feature. Also, during Corefirst challenges and program launches, Corefirst administrators will make it easy for you and post them to the calendar so you can know exactly what's going on in the community! This is a great way to take the guesswork out of the day and keep your routine on track. To prevent workout plateaus and maintain your enthusiasm, don't hesitate to mix up your routine.

Corefirst Calendar


STEP 4: Engage with the Corefirst Community:

The Corefirst training platform provides an opportunity to engage with a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Join our weekly conversation starter, ask real Corefirst professionals your burning questions, get inspired by weekly health articles, or participate in virtual fitness challenges (see below!). Sharing experiences, tips, and motivation with like-minded individuals can be incredibly empowering and inspiring.


STEP 5: Join a Challenge and WIN!

The Corefirst app regularly hosts fitness challenges varying in theme and length. Exclusive for subscribers, all those that complete the assigned videos or accumulated workout minutes get entered into a drawing to win various prizes including Corefirst accessories, free months of the app, and exclusive discounts!  

TIPS & TRICKS: Need a Bigger Screen to View Your Workouts? Share to your Smart TV!

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The Corefirst training platform is your gateway to unlocking your full fitness potential. With hundreds of videos available at the swipe of a finger, you have the flexibility to tailor your workouts to your unique goals and preferences. Remember to set clear objectives, stay consistent, and track your progress as you embark on this transformative fitness journey. Together with Corefirst and the supportive fitness community of Corefirst-ers, you'll achieve a balanced, strong, and healthy body, reaching heights you never thought possible.

So why wait? Visit the Training Platform and let's embark on this exciting adventure of self-discovery and fitness success with Corefirst!


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