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Skip the Gym This January - Try Corefirst Pilates at Home

Skip the Gym This January - Try Corefirst Pilates at Home

It’s common knowledge in the fitness world that January is probably the worst time of year to go to the gym—that is, if you aren’t a fan of overcrowded facilities and expensive classes. This year, skip the crowds in favor of an at-home pilates solution for your New Year’s fitness goals!

Corefirst is the leading brand in creating reformer-inspired pilates equipment and methods that you can practice at home or on the go. Whether you aspire to build muscle, lose fat, tone your body, enhance flexibility, or simply increase mobility, Corefirst systems can help you reach your goals. 

Corefirst Pilates

What is Corefirst?

Reformer pilates is widely known for developing long, lean muscles, increased mobility, and a strong core. Corefirst systems are designed to be the most portable, affordable, and convenient Pilates Reformer experience available. Our founders developed the Corefirst system to be a new approach to pilates that is accessible to the modern masses.

Corefirst resistance bands offer maximum-comfort, auto-adjusting, neoprene wrap technology that ensures your wrists, hands, or feet stay securely in place no matter what. This enables you to “let go” and focus solely on the muscle groups you are training. The wraps are easy to set up anywhere in your home. Whether it’s harnessed in a door jam or secured under a couch leg, this equipment is designed to be easy to use wherever you are. Our systems are even travel friendly—weighing under 3lbs and roughly the size of a small shoebox.

Corefirst also offers a line of high-quality accessories to compliment your pilates practice including resistance bands, blocks, sliders, and a highly-reviewed mat. As a matter of fact, all of our products receive primarily 5-star reviews

The Price Difference

One of our goals at Corefirst is to make pilates financially accessible for all people. Pilates reformers are infamous for being one of the most expensive pieces of exercise equipment on the market. Most of them range from around $1,000 and can go beyond $5,000 depending on the brand. And when it comes to equipment that you are meant to balance your weight upon…you can imagine it’s not very wise to buy the cheapest one you can find.

Pilates classes also cost a pretty penny, though the exact rates depend on the area you live (and if you live somewhere rural, classes may not even be available). Many studios also require beginners to purchase an initial bundle of expensive 1:1 sessions before they will allow you to take their group classes. And even group classes can be rather exclusive and therefore pricey, since studios can only house several expensive reformer machines in their small spaces.

Enter Corefirst, where reformer-inspired equipment ranges from just $124.95 - $219.95, and app subscriptions start at just $14.99/month. That’s cheaper than a gym membership! And you won’t even have to buy a new workout set to impress the pilates studio pros (although, if a new fit motivates you then go for it). 

Experience Pilates Instructors & Community Support

Last, but certainly not least, is the incredible Pilates experience offered through the Corefirst App. Experience hundreds of instructor-led pilates classes teaching you how to use your Corefirst system to get incredible pilates-level results right in the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of feeling intimidated to enter a pilates studio or fearing the complexity of a reformer machine—-our mission at Corefirst is to make pilates accessible to everyone.

Not only will you have access to top pilates instructors in the Corefirst app, but you will also gain access to a vast community of like-minded individuals who are learning and growing right along with you!

If that’s not enough to make you feel capable of achieving your goals this year, then rest assured we also have a customer service team to help answer any questions you may have (though you can also check out our FAQ’s at any time).

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