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Training your glutes at home with resistance bands is an effective and convenient way to enhance strength, improve posture, and prevent injury. The glutes are among the largest and most powerful muscle groups in the body, playing a crucial role in life's movements like walking, running, and squatting. Neglecting them can lead to a host of issues, and according to Dr. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine physician, "Weak glutes can contribute to lower back pain, knee pain, and a host of other issues."

A well-rounded 20-minute resistance band glute workout can yield significant benefits. Here are your 7 essential exercises:

1. COREFIRST FRONT KICKS (side supine) - This movement allows you to get comfortable on the ground and really target your glutes without a lot of resistance.



2. COREFIRST CIRCLES BACK -  Take your glute, outer thigh and hip work to the next level with Corefirst Circles in a back, or clockwise direction.

3. COREFIRST CIRCLES FORWARD - Do the same movement but reverse the direction in a counter-clockwise direction.

4. COREFIRST IN & OUT SINGLE - You'll feel the power with this single leg press.  You may need your Corefirst Level 2 for this one!

5. COREFIRST SINGLE LEG RAISE - This one brings a fantastic core and balance into it, still isolating the glutes in a big way.

6. COREFIRST STEPPING MOUNTAIN CLIMBER - This is close to the single leg press motion, but it next levels your core work as well.  Alternate your stepping leg and don't touch your toes on the floor when you step up for an added challenge!

7. COREFIRST DOWNWARD DOG STRETCH - Ahhhhh.  One of the Best COrefirst Stretches available.  Stretch out the glutes- you earned it.  

Incorporating these exercises into your routine will not only sculpt and strengthen your glutes but also support overall body functionality and athletic performance. Regular glute training ensures a balanced physique, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing physical capabilities.
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