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How Corefirst is Bringing Resistance Pilates to the Masses

How Corefirst is Bringing Resistance Pilates to the Masses

Resistance Pilates for Everyone

What is Pilates?

Pilates is famous for being a low impact exercise method that builds lean muscle mass, increases flexibility and mobility, reduces stress levels, and helps in injury recovery.

It was developed in the early 20th century by German physical trainer, Joseph Pilates, who designed the method to strengthen both the mind and body. His father was a gymnast and his mother was a naturopath, and throughout his life he developed the Pilates method as a practice to prevent illness and optimize overall health.

Over the years, Joseph paired his method with various forms of equipment for which he then used the term “apparatus”, not only to enhance and accelerate the stretching and strengthening of muscles via the movements he designed, but also in many cases to make certain exercises more accessible to people of all physicality levels.

Throughout his career, Joseph often helped clients who were recovering from illness or injury, and he designed his “apparatus” equipment to help build up their strength in recovery. Joseph, who had experienced illness himself in his childhood, placed a large focus on his method being used for overall healing and wellbeing.

To this day, the benefits of Pilates can be felt throughout the world as people of all ages and backgrounds adopt the method into their fitness regime. And Joseph’s then-called “apparatuses” are now widely known as “Pilates Reformer” machines.

Pilates in the Modern Age

Throughout the decades, Pilates has been thought of as a practice primarily for dancers or professionals, or at the very least a fitness method that seemed somewhat “out of reach” for the ordinary person.

Athletes, dancers, and models do practice Pilates to achieve the performance and physique they not only desire but need in order to perform at the top of their fields, but Pilates is—and always was—meant to be so much more than that.

Fast forward to 2023, and Pilates is finally emerging as a form of exercise that is appropriate and beneficial for people of all physicality levels, as a practice they can adopt for a lifetime to increase both health and longevity.

However, Resistance Pilates has still been somewhat exclusionary for many people—available for years only to those who could afford a studio membership or could purchase an expensive Pilates reformer machine for their own home. That is, until Corefirst was born.

The Corefirst Mission

Here at Corefirst, we believe in staying true to the original method that Joseph Pilates created and intended its use for: a holistic practice for mind and body. And we believe it should be for everyone.

We also believe in incorporating resistance to our Pilates practice with our unique Pilates resistance bands, which not only enhance health-boosting results but also make the exercise method more accessible to everyone (just like the reformer, or Joseph’s “apparatus” was originally intended to do).

The bands can either add increased resistance to turn up the intensity of your Pilates practice, or adversely, they could add a gentle “pull” if you need a little help in a series or movement.

The Corefirst Method

Our Resistance Pilates Systems are the #1 preferred resistance bands or reformer-alternatives by Pilates studios and professional instructors. Corefirst resistance bands offer maximum-comfort, auto-adjusting, neoprene wrap technology that ensures your wrists, hands, or feet stay securely in place no matter what. This enables you to “let go” and focus solely on the muscle groups you are training.

The Corefirst Systems are top-rated for not only performance but also for safety, outperforming all other resistance bands when utilized for a Pilates practice. In many cases, our customers report that they actually feel safer using their Corefirst System than they do balancing on an actual Pilates Reformer machine!

Furthermore, the wraps are easy to set up anywhere in your home. Whether it’s harnessed in a door jam or secured under a couch leg, this equipment is designed to be easy to use wherever you are. Our systems are even travel friendly—weighing under 3lbs and roughly the size of a small shoebox.

Corefirst also offers a line of high-quality accessories to compliment your pilates practice including resistance bands, blocks, sliders, and a highly-reviewed mat. As a matter of fact, all of our products receive primarily 5-star reviews!


Explore Corefirst Resistance Pilates Systems.

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