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Resistance Pilates for Young Adults

Resistance Pilates for Young Adults

Resistance Pilates is a form of exercise that is often associated with adults, but did you know that it can be great for kids and teens too? In fact, it can be a wonderful way for young people to develop strength, flexibility, and body awareness, as well as improve their posture and balance. Let's take a closer look!


Resistance Pilates is a unique form of exercise that uses resistance to strengthen and tone the body. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a low-impact workout that can be customized to their own fitness level and/or recovery. Resistance Pilates is equally beneficial in assisting movements as well. Providing constant tension in opposition to your movements, it makes you work harder with less effort and makes movements less intense, safer, and easier to engage the way you should. This additional resistance challenges the muscles in new ways, making it an effective way to build strength and improve overall fitness, with a focus on developing core strength, which is essential for good posture, balance, and overall physical health.


  1. Builds Strength & Endurance: Resistance Pilates can help children and teenagers build strength in their muscles, which is important for overall physical fitness. This can be especially beneficial for those who participate in sports, dance, or other physical activities. It can also help reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.

  2. Improves Flexibility: Pilates is known for its ability to improve flexibility and range of motion. This can be particularly helpful for kids and teens who may be experiencing tight muscles or restricted movement due to growth or injury.

  3. Promotes Good Posture: Poor posture is a common issue among kids and teens, especially as they spend more time sitting in front of screens. Resistance Pilates can help improve posture by strengthening the core and back muscles, which support the spine and help maintain proper alignment.

  4. Enhances Balance: Balance is an important skill for kids and teens, especially those who participate in sports or other physical activities. Resistance Pilates exercises can help improve balance and stability by challenging the muscles and encouraging better body awareness.

  5. Develops Body Awareness: Pilates is all about developing body awareness and control. By practicing resistance Pilates, kids and teens can become more in tune with their bodies and learn to move with greater ease and efficiency.

  6. Reduces Stress and Anxiety: Resistance Pilates can be a relaxing and stress-reducing form of exercise. By focusing on their breath and movement, kids and teens can reduce stress and anxiety, improving their overall health.


If you're interested in introducing your child or teenager to resistance Pilates, it’s important to utilize safe, quality, and user-friendly materials. Corefirst Resistance Bands are the #1 preferred resistance bands or reformer-alternatives by Pilates studios and professional instructors. Proven to last 15x longer than other bands on the market, they are also encased in Safety Sleeve technology which not only protects you if they snap but also shields the bands from being affected by daily wear and tear. Our Corefirst Wraps are auto-adjusting, offer maximum comfort, and can be washed! The neoprene wrap technology ensures the bands stay on your wrists, hands, or feet securely. While children and teens may not be as well-versed in Pilates, it becomes much easier and more comprehensive when they do not have to worry about “holding on” and can just focus on the task at hand.

It's also important to start slowly and gradually build up intensity and duration. Our Corefirst Training platform makes this easy by giving them a variety of video lengths to choose from, from a 30-second set all the way up to a 30-minute class. With our Long Anchor, you can take your Corefirst with you outside and enjoy the fresh air as a family.

Resistance Pilates with Corefirst is a great choice for kids and teens who want to improve their physical fitness, posture, balance, and body awareness.




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