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Staying Active Anywhere: Being Consistent While Traveling

Staying Active Anywhere: Being Consistent While Traveling

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind, and escape from our daily routines and we know the last thing you want to be thinking about while lounging on the beach is working out…after all, we’ve all seen how lonely the gyms can be while on a cruise or at a resort!  However, maintaining consistency with our fitness goals while on vacation can bring about numerous benefits. Corefirst's resistance bands, coupled with our easy-to-use app, provide a convenient and effective solution to staying active on the go.


Staying active on vacation boils down to two primary benefits. The first is increased energy and stress relief. Regular exercise boosts endorphin levels and increases blood flow, leading to heightened energy levels and a greater sense of vitality. Additionally, the stress relief it provides will create a sense of grounding and relaxation. By incorporating workouts into your vacation, you reinforce the habit of consistent exercise and ensure a smoother transition back to your regular routine when you return home. When you make fitness and working out more about honoring your body and mind, it becomes less of a “chore,” a task you must complete, or a “punishment,”  and more of something that you actively look forward to conquering and participating in.    

Another aspect is about maintaining progress. Consistency in fitness routines prevent setbacks and helps sustain progress, ensuring you don't lose momentum upon returning home. The regular “win” of completing your workout can give you an extra pep in your step, setting yourself up for an even better vacation. Being in the vacation haze and then getting the all-too-dreaded post-vacation slump will not bode well for your fitness routine and it can make it even HARDER to recover; it also reinforces that moving your body is a negative event or penance when in reality it can be…*GASP*…enjoyable.  Even just a quick 15-minute workout is just enough to stay in that mentality and hold onto your fitness habit!  


Whether you have 5 minutes or  30 minutes, the Corefirst training platform has programming that accommodates your busy vacation schedule and provides you with a full-body workout that incorporates multiple muscle groups for a highly effective workout. These can easily be viewed from a desktop or our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps! Better yet, before your vacation, you can easily schedule your workouts on the Corefirst calendar and  download them for times when you are “off the grid.” There are no excuses here! We can all give ourselves at least 15 minutes right?  

Check out this 15-minute Corefirst workout!

Convenience and portability stand at the forefront of the Corefirst brand. The Corefirst system comes with its own mesh carrying bag and folds up to be the size of a small shoe box, weighing less than 3 lbs.– perfect for purses, carry-ons, or checked luggage. Want to take your workout to the beach? Say no more! The Long Anchor and 2-in-1 Anchor can attach to almost anything! Park bench? You’ve got it. Palm tree? The Long Anchor is on it. The railing of the Lido deck? We’ve already done it. Check out this fantastic video on anchoring! Also, the sand and spilled fruity drinks don’t stand a chance with our washable, self-adjusting wraps and safety sleeve technology. Designed to protect your bands from wear and tear, the safety sleeves fully encase your bands so there is no tugging or pulling on clothes or skin, and it keeps YOU safe in case one accidentally snaps!  

Overall, maintaining consistency with your fitness routine while on vacation brings numerous benefits, including increased energy, stress relief, and the preservation of progress. Corefirst's resistance bands and app offer a practical solution to stay active and engaged with your fitness goals while traveling, even just for 15 minutes!  Reap the benefits and satisfaction from long-term success and take your Corefirst on the go!      




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