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Top 5 Benefits of Resistance Pilates

Top 5 Benefits of Resistance Pilates

Resistance Pilates

Pilates is a low impact exercise method developed in the early 20th century by German physical trainer, Joseph Pilates, who designed the method to strengthen both the mind and body. He believed that mental and physical health were inextricably linked.

Here at Corefirst, we believe in staying true to the original method that Joseph Pilates created and intended its use for: a holistic practice for mind and body. We also believe in adding resistance to our Pilates practice with our unique Pilates resistance bands, which not only enhance results but also make this sometimes exclusionary exercise method more accessible to everyone!

There are scores of health benefits when it comes to practicing Pilates, but to keep things short and sweet, we have gathered what we think are the Top 5 Benefits of Resistance Pilates to help you understand how it can improve your health.

Check them out below:

It increases core strength.

Pilates is famous for toning and strengthening your core muscles—and that doesn’t just mean your abs. The body’s core muscles, or the core “powerhouse” as sometimes referred to in Pilates, consists of the transverse abdominis, pelvic floors, diaphragm, and multifidus. Essentially, you can think of this core muscle group as extending from your rib cage down to your hips and buttocks.

Increasing core strength in these muscle groups can improve balance and posture, decrease back and hip pain, and even improve pelvic floor function. So, when we talk about strengthening the core, it is about much more than just trying to get visible abs.

Pro Tip: Try the Corefirst Medium or Heavy System to increase muscle strengthening if that is your goal!

It improves flexibility & mobility.

Pilates is a unique exercise method that focuses on combining strength and flexibility simultaneously in many of the movements. Our bodies need an optimal balance of both strength and flexibility in order to maintain a healthy range of mobility—especially as we get older.

Since Pilates focuses on whole-body movements with deep breathing through controlled movements, you are always working towards all three goals at the same time: strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Pro Tip: Check out Corefirst’s Stretch Program to learn how to use our resistance bands to increase flexibility.

It boosts your metabolism.

Pilates focuses not only on building and toning your muscles, but also focuses a great deal on deep breathing. This powerful combination not only improves cardio respiratory function, oxygen flow, and blood circulation…but it also increases your basal metabolic rate by building lean muscle mass.

After a Pilates class, most people find that they feel a boost of energy instead of feeling fatigued or ‘worn out’, which in turn increases your ability to keep your energy expenditure going throughout the rest of your day!

Pro Tip: Try the Corefirst Burn Program to rev up your metabolism and feel the burn!

It strengthens your bones.

Bone density is a life-long concern for most people and decreased bone-density can affect us at any age—especially women. Pilates is a strength-focused method that has shown to be effective in increasing bone density over time. And since Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, it can be safer and more accessible to people as they age and are perhaps looking for a practice they can continue for a whole lifetime.

As a matter of fact, the Corefirst Pilates Method is arguably one of the safest and most effective forms of Pilates on the market today. Since the bands and straps can be taken anywhere and used while you are safely on the ground, you can achieve the same results you would from a Pilates Reformer Machine—all without risking injury from a machine malfunction or losing your balance atop a platform.

Many of our customers tell us how much safer and stronger they feel with their Corefirst compared to a reformer machine.

It decreases stress.

Pilates is a mind-body practice that enhances body awareness through deep-breathing and focusing your attention inward on the sensations throughout each movement. As a result of this deep breathing and inward focus, Pilates techniques can actually down-regulate the nervous system (much like the calm you would experience after a deep-breathing meditation session or a relaxing yoga flow).

Not only can a Pilates class have an immediate impact on cortisol levels, but one can achieve a decrease of stress over time through a consistent and regular practice. And since stress is an important biomarker determining how quickly we age at a cellular level…we think this benefit is a pretty big deal.

Corefirst even offers group challenges with mindfulness and rest days incorporated to expand on the mind-body experience for our App Subscribers!


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